Crypto Futures Liquidations Total $291M as Bitcoin Volatility Increases

• The crypto futures market has seen liquidations amounting to about $291 million in the last day due to Bitcoin’s sharp volatility.
• Liquidation events are common in the crypto sector due to its high volatility and leverage options of up to 50x or 100x.
• Data from CoinGlass shows that $291 million worth of positions were liquidated in the past 24 hours as a result of FED rate announcement yesterday.


The crypto futures market has experienced liquidations amounting to around $291 million in the last day, as Bitcoin registered sharp volatility. Data from CoinGlass reveals that this event was caused by the FED rate announcement yesterday, resulting in a large-scale liquidation of positions worth $291 million in the past 24 hours.

Crypto Market Volatility

The crypto sector is generally characterized by high volatility, meaning that prices can swing by large percentages within short periods of time. This makes futures trading more difficult for traders who opt for leveraged positions, which can go up to 100x their initial collateral. As a result, mass liquidations are relatively commonplace within the crypto market when price movements become too unpredictable.

FED Rate Announcement & Liquidations

Yesterday’s FED rate announcement caused Bitcoin and other coins to experience significant price fluctuations, leading to an influx of liquidity into the crypto markets and consequently a large amount of liquidations among traders who had opted for larger leveraged contracts. According to data from CoinGlass, these liquidations amounted to around $291 million over the course of 24 hours since then.


Events such as these serve as an important reminder that while leveraged positions can sometimes yield higher returns than traditional investments, they also come with much higher risks and should be approached with caution at all times. Furthermore, investors should always keep an eye on news related to major regulatory announcements like those made by the Federal Reserve yesterday if they wish to stay ahead of any potential price shifts in assets like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as these could have significant impacts on their investment portfolio over time.


In conclusion, while leveraging can lead to great profits when done correctly it can also lead one into financial ruin if not done properly or taken lightly given how volatile cryptocurrency markets are today compared to traditional investments like stocks or bonds. It is thus highly recommended that investors only use leverage options with caution when engaging in futures trading within this space and make sure they stay abreast with news related developments regularly so as not get blindsided by sudden price changes caused by macroeconomic events such as yesterday’s Fed Rate Announcement .